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The Myth of Universal Human Rights — Part 2

Wars and the Efficacy of Human Rights  “Right is the child of law; from real laws come real rights, but from imaginary law, from ‘laws of nature’, come imaginary rights. Natural rights are simple nonsense, natural and imprescriptible rights rhetorical nonsense, nonsense upon stilts.” – Jeremy Bentham Why Human Rights Are Not Legal Rights As … Continue reading

The Alchemy of Religion and the Quantum Theory of Humanism Part 1

 Part 1: How Humanists Keep the Faith Some time ago, the  Freedom From Religion Foundation came out with a billboard that quotes a lyric from John Lennon: “Imagine No Religion.” Subsequently, there were posters issued by FFRF and others with a picture of the pre-9/11 World Trade Center that had the same phrase, “Imagine No Religion,” … Continue reading